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Monday, April 13, 2009

Racked to secondary; comments

Racked to secondary a few days ago. For Diwali, I bought a smaller carboy. Apparently it is 3 gallons but seems to hold a lot more; it would be a perfect secondary for a 4-5 gallon batch because the head space would be minimal.

Diwali smells a bit strong and sour. My guess is the final volume was under 2G (my plan was for a 2.5 G batch but I did not add water after much of it evaporated). Consequently, this beer had a massive OG and will probably drink like a hopped up wine with ABV in the 15-20% range or higher.

Argentina had nearly the clear appearance I was going for and smelled like Blue Moon. I had a little taste and it was almost soapy from all the hops but I think it will be a nice flavor.

Dry hopped both. Unfortunately I did not label my 3 zip-locs of hop remnants and had to guess by smell. I'm pretty sure I was consistent: Amarillo to Diwali and either Columbus or Argentine Cascade to Argentina.

Both of these brews had massive IBUs and I am very curious to see the result. I am a little frustrated that they will probably need long conditioning with the high ABV and will not reach peak flavor for another month or more (quite longer than I am willing to wait to tweak the recipes).

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