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Monday, April 13, 2009

Half-hearted Ale

I'm planning a Two-Hearted variant. Word is, Bell's uses the same special yeast for all of their beers and that it can be harvested since their beers are unfiltered. Recommendation for yeast harvesting is that you try with a low ABV beer, since higher ABV beers are generally not friendly to the yeast in the bottle and you end up with something mutated. I bought a 6er of Oberon and plan to do a yeast starter this week using the yeast from the bottom of a few bottles.

Two-hearted is a pure centennial beer. I am considering two brewing options.

  1. Ignore the grain side and just do light DME so that I can showcase the hops more
  2. Do an all grain batch
If the former I am titling the beer "Half-hearted Ale"; the latter, "Full-hearted Ale". The latter requires I build a tun by the weekend.

I am also going to add some Amarillo at aroma time to bring a little more citrus and complexity to the table.

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