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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bruxelles Sprout: Week 3 conditioning tasting notes

  • Appearance: Pours copper with slight reddish hue. Reasonably clear. A 1/2 inch head from a vigorous pour. Head quickly dissipates.
  • Aroma: Deep dark fruit on the nose: raisins, dates, fig. Some green sour apple. No apparent hops.
  • Flavor: thinner than the nose with a dry, phenolic (i.e., clove) finish
  • Mouth: nicely carbonated but could be improved
  • Drinkability: low alcohol level (5-6%) and modest flavor make drinking a couple pretty easy
I suspected the "secret" origin of the yeast to be Rochefort's own and a website did confirm as such. (This was facilitated by Nilam and my splitting of a Rochefort 10 on Friday night.) This is an excellent yeast and is really pulling the flavor weight. I'd like to give it more fermentables to work on.

I am enjoying this beer more and more now that it's conditioning into its peak. The apple hint suggests more conditioning time is needed. I hope the flavor improves but I don't expect a dramatic change. On a future iteration, I would like to bridge the gap between the excellent aroma and nice finish. This will probably require retooling the grain bill and raising fermentability.

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